How Do I Connect to My Company Account?

Already a Caplugs customer, but never ordered online? Learn how to link your website account.

Have you already purchased from Caplugs before, but never on our website? No problem! We can connect you with your existing Caplugs account on CapXpress, allowing you to review order history for easy reordering, track your company's orders, reorder custom parts and much more. 

Already Created a New Login

If you've already signed up with an email address and created a new account, our customer service team can link your account. Simply chat with our team using the live webchat in the bottom right corner or give us a call at 888.CAPLUGS. We can find your account number, connect your new email address and get you connected to your order history. 

Haven't Created a New Login

If you haven't created an account yet, we can send you an invitation connected to your company account. Reach out to your customer service representative, chat with us on the website or call us at 888.CAPLUGS and provide the email address you'd like to use with your account and our support team can email you a registration link. Simply follow the directions to register and your new account will be connected to your existing company account at Caplugs. 

Still Having Trouble?

Our customer service team can help walk you through the process, answer any questions or help troubleshoot any issues with registering and connecting your account. Call us at 888.CAPLUGS or chat with our web team live on site during business hours for assistance, or leave a message for our team in chat after hours and we'll get back to you on the next business day!