Why Am I Not Seeing My Order History?

Is your order history not showing in CapXpress? Find out how to fix it here.

Whether you're a long-time customer or a recent Caplugs buyer, CapXpress allows you to see your order history, giving you records on your past orders and an easy way to reorder your parts. However, if your account isn't properly linked, you could be seeing nothing in your history. 

Check If Your Account Is Linked

If you aren't seeing anything in your order history, most often the problem is that your account isn't properly linked. You can check this on your own in CapXpress. Click the Account Info tab, and check the right-hand side above your last name. If you see a green checkmark and "Linked to Caplugs," your account is properly linked. If you don't, you'll need to have your account linked to solve the problem.

Recently Linked? 

Another possibility is that if your account was recently linked, your order history may not be fully populated yet. If your just linked your account to the website for the first time, please allow up to 24 hours for your order history to be imported to CapXpress. This process take a bit longer to run if you have a lengthy order history, so please be patient. If you're still seeing no orders after 24 hours, let us know and our support team can look into the issue. 

Get Linking Help

Our team can help with getting your account linked or looking into missing order histories. Simply drop us a line on our web chat, give us a call at 888.CAPLUGS or email us at sales@caplugs.com and we can get your account properly linked or investigate missing order histories.