How Do I Reset My Password?

Lost or forgot your password? Find out how to request a reset for your account.

Forgot your account password or having difficulty logging into your account? Our password recovery tool makes it fast and easy for you to log back in.

Simply visit our Password Reset Request page to get started. Once there, enter the email address that is associated with your account. Our system will check to confirm you have an existing account and email you further instructions to create a new password to log back in. 

I Didn't Get an Email

The password reset email should be sent out immediately after your request is made. If you haven't received an email within 10 minutes of submitting the request, check the following:

  • Confirm that the email isn't caught in your spam folder
  • Confirm the spelling of the email you entered
  • Confirm that the email you entered is associated with your account, and not a different address

Still Having Problems? 

If you're still not receiving the email or aren't sure of your email address connected to your account, chat with our customer service team. We can verify information associated with your account to confirm your correct details. Chat with us online, email us at or call 888.CAPLUGS.