How to Track Your Order

Tracking your order is a breeze with CapXpress. Find out how to track your packages from Caplugs.

With CapXpress, we make it easy to track your order's shipment progress - even if your order is split into multiple shipments.


Find Your Order

Locate your order by logging in to CapXpress and viewing "Open Orders" on the main dashboard page. Here you can find all currently active orders on your account, including order date, totals and status. Click the Order Number or Reference Number to view order details. 

Order Detail EditSee All Shipments

On the Order Detail page, you can see a full breakdown of any shipments currently on their way. For larger orders, this could include several shipments or even non-carrier shipping (typically noted as "OTHER"). For carrier shipping, a tracking link is also included to easily click directly to tracking at the provider. 

Ship Detail

See Shipment Details

Finally, by clicking View Details, you can see exactly what items are included in a shipment - including a breakdown of any partially shipped product. For example, in the above, 5,000 of a total of 20,000 pieces are included in the shipment. This helps you understand exactly what items will be arriving when an order is split or shipped from multiple Caplugs warehouse locations.

Still Have Questions About Your Order?

Caplugs' customer service team can help you with any further questions about your order. Contact us by chat on the website, by calling us at 888.CAPLUGS or by email at