How Do I Use a Promo Code?

Have a promotional code and not sure where to add it? Find out here.

Do you have a promotional code you want to use with your order? Adding is easy at any step in the checkout process. 

As you navigate through checkout, you'll see the "Use Promo Code" button below the red button to advance or complete your checkout. Simply click that box and a promo code field will open where you can enter your promotional code and click "Apply" to have it reflect on your order. Note that promo codes can be case sensitive, so be sure to match the capitalization of the code as received. 

Code Not Working?

If you're not seeing the discount in your cart, be sure that you've confirmed that you've met any requirements of the promotion. Sometimes this may mean a minimum order size or quantity. For shipping promotions, you may also need to confirm you've selected an eligible shipment option depending on the terms of the discount. 

Get Help from Us

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