What Is CapXpress?

CapXpress is your dashboard to see and manage your orders and history with Caplugs. Learn more.

Whether you're a first-time customer or have a long history of purchasing from Caplugs but never online, the first thing to know is CapXpress.

What's CapXpress?CapXpress-1

CapXpress is Caplugs' customer dashboard and account portal, giving users access to a wide range of information and options to manage their account, order history and more. Benefits of CapXpress include:

  • Viewing order statuses for orders placed online or offline 
  • Simple reordering from order history - including custom parts
  • Detailed tracking information for orders, including partial shipments
  • Free sample history and ability to order parts based on sample requests
  • Historic invoices and packing slips available to print on demand
  • Searchable order history, including searching by PO or part number 
  • View current quotes active with Caplugs

Getting Started with CapXpress

To set up your account in CapXpress, start by registering your account on our website. Once you've completed the form and confirmed your account via the verification email, you're in. 

For new customers, your orders will populate in CapXpress as they are placed and processed, with updates on shipping and tracking added as your order moves through fulfillment and delivery.

For existing customers, chat with a customer service agent on our web chat, call us at 888.CAPLUGS or send us an email at sales@caplugs.com and our team can help you link your new online account with your existing account to give you full access to your order history, custom parts lists and much more.